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Article 1 – Warranty Period

1.1 Pilot Cycles B.V. will replace (not repair) any Titanium frame that fails due to manufacturer defects in materials or workmanship for the lifetime of the frame. Every bicycle has a limited life, the so-called useable life cycle. The duration of the useable life cycle of bicycles depends on the type of frame, the way in which and the circumstances under which the bicycle is ridden and the care/maintenance the bicycle receives. The lifetime guarantee period is established on the basis of the duration of the useable life cycle of the bicycle. Pilot sets the lifetime of their frames at an average of 25 years.

  • 1.1  Warranty lapses in accordance with the provisions as stated in article 2
  • 1.2  Pilot Cycles only provides a warranty to the first owner of the frame. The warranty of a frame can be transferred to a second owner by using our re-certification service, as explained in article 5.
  • 2  Van Pilot Titanium accessories have a warranty coverage on the absence of construction or material defects for a period of 2 years after the date of purchase by the first owner;
  • 3  No warranty is given for parts subject to wear, such as tires, chains, chain rings, back gear rings, cables and brake pads, unless there is a question of construction and/or material defects.
  • 4  Any components not produced by Pilot Cycles bear their manufacturer’s own warranty. Any claims must be directed to the manufacturer’s customer service department.
  • 5  Among other things, the following factors can influence the useable life cycle of a bicycle: use of the bicycle for competitions and intensive training, use of the bicycle for purposes for which it was not designed, excessive weight, riding in all weather conditions or different climates, geographical circumstances. Pilot Cycles recommends a regular check-up of the bicycle by an authorized Pilot dealer to overcome signs of potential problems such as corrosion, break, deformation and improper use. These checks are important for preventing accidents and injuries. In principle, service checks are not free of charge.

Article 2 – Warranty Limitations

2.1 Warranty lapses in the following cases:

  1. Improper and/or careless use of the bicycle and use that does not correspond with its intended use. Any cosmetic or structural damage, failure or loss arising from abuse or misuse including damage caused by crashes or collisions, owner neglect, improper installation and/or assembly, improper or overdue maintenance, incorrect alterations or additions, changes to the original product, extreme stunt riding, or other excessive, improper or abnormal conditions for which the bicycle was not designed. Bending of frames, forks, handlebars, seat posts or wheel rims can be a sign of misuse or abuse;
  2. The bicycle has not been maintained in accordance with the user manual;
  3. The bicycle is used for hire or made available to more than one unspecified person in other ways.
  4. Climatological influences such as normal weathering of the lacquer or corrosion as a consequence of (lacquer) damage.
  • 2  Under the influence of surface tensions between the coating and the fork material, small cracks can occur located at glued joint connections. This does not mean that there is a problem with the construction. Micro fractures in the coating, which occur after a year of usage, are not covered by warranty.
  • 3  Warranty includes replacement, not repairs or cash refunds.

Article 3 – Warranty Procedure

  • 1  Warranty claims must be submitted through the Pilot Cycles dealer from whom the bicycle was purchased. Proof of purchase from Pilot Cycles or an authorized Pilot Cycles dealer is required for any limited warranty replacement or crash replacement request. At the same time, the proof of purchase and/or the proof of ownership provided with the bicycle must be handed over to the dealer.
  • 2  If the owner has moved in the meantime or the dealer is no longer available, Pilot Cycles will, if requested, provide 
information about the nearest authorized Pilot Cycles dealer.
  • 3  In the event of Pilot Cycles replacing a defective frame or part, a new frame or part of equal value (or a greater value, at an additional cost) will be provided. The new frame may not be the exact model purchased, as warranty frame replacement is limited to Pilot Cycles’ current stock and model assortment available at the time of replacement.
  • 4  Parts that no longer fit technically, or are no longer available for the replacement warranty frame can be replaced by a new part. We offer the costumer a 50% discount on these parts.
  • 5  Pilot Cycles will cover no applicable expenses if the warranty is processed through a Pilot Cycles Dealer. All other costs of transporting the bicycle and/or parts to Pilot Cycles are at the expense of the owner. As well as any expenses of disassembly and mounting of components from the old to the new frame.
  • 6  If you elect to repair a defective product yourself or use the services of someone other than a Pilot Cycles authorized dealer, Pilot Cycles will not be liable for any damage, failure or loss caused by the use of such unauthorized service or parts.

Article 4 – Crash Replacement Warranty

4.1 If a Pilot Titanium frame is damaged and is not covered by our manufacturer warranty, Pilot Cycles will provide a replacement frame for 50% of current retail. This additional warranty is for individuals who have damaged their frame due to crashes or accidents. No dealer wholesale; this program deals directly with the consumer. Dealers can charge for labour to swap parts from the damaged frame to the replacement. This warranty only applies for the first owner with the original invoice or a second hand owner with a proof of recertification, as stated in article 5.

Article 5 – Frame Warranty Re-Certification

5.1 Owners of a Pilot frame who are planning on selling it or consumers who have just bought a used Pilot bicycle or frame, can send the frame directly to Pilot Cycles for warranty re-certification. An original proof of purchase must be included. This policy protects a second hand buyer against purchasing a damaged frame. Pilot Cycles will inspect the frame for any potential damage or problems. After acceptance of the re-certification, the frame will be returned to the owner with a new manufacturer’s warranty. Note that the life cycle of a Pilot Cycles bicycle is 25 years, as stated in article 1.1. The warranty will be transferred to the new owner for the remaining lifetime of the bicycle. Re-certification costs €150. This fee includes return shipping charges.

Article 6 – Liability

  • 1  Pilot Cycles shall in no event be liable for incidental or consequential losses, damages or expenses in connection with its bicycle products. Pilot Cycles’s liability hereunder is expressly limited to the replacement of goods not complying with this warranty.
  • 2  The foregoing warranties are in lieu of and exclude all other warranties not expressly set forth herein, whether express or implied by operation of law or otherwise, including but not limited to any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.
  • 3  A guarantee claim accepted by Pilot Cycles does not automatically mean that Pilot Cycles also assumes responsibility for any damage suffered. The liability of Pilot Cycles is confined to what is set out in these warranty conditions. Any liability of Pilot Cycles for consequential damage is expressly excluded. The provisions of this condition do not apply if and insofar as they arise from mandatory statutory provisions.