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With the Pilot Seiren, Pilot integrates 3D printing of metal into the cycling world with a progressive design. The printing process facilitates thinner wall thicknesses, leading to a lighter and stronger frame without stress points. By producing locally, transport is banned and Pilot can better monitor working conditions. At the same time, this supports local economies. The product is ‘produced by order’ according to the specific requirements of a customer’s order. This opens doors to Customized Mass Production, enabling rapid adjustments to make the perfect frame. The frame is 100% recyclable with zero waste during the production process.


Pilot uses 3D printing to create shapes that previously seemed impossible. These complex geometries and shapes help us in creating the ideal road bike that combines the traditional perks of a titanium bike with the weight of a Tour De France winning bike!

By creating a fully 3D printed titanium frame, we are able to add material in places where stiffness is desired to optimize power transmission. In the same manner we have significantly reduced wall thicknesses of the frame, resulting in a weight of just above a kilogram.


Every Seiren is locally ‘produced to order’ according to your specific requirements. By producing locally, we ban transport and are able to monitor working conditions at all times. Due to the clean nature of the Pilot production process, the worker does not have to work in unhealthy fumes that arise during the production and painting of carbon frames.

Titanium 3D printing minimizes waste due to its additive manufacturing process, where raw material is only added where it is needed, eliminating excess material waste. Additionally, the precise material application in titanium 3D printing ensures efficient utilization of titanium powder, further reducing waste generation. Every Pilot Seiren frame lasts a lifetime and is 100% recyclable.


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Seiren: Riding a 3D printed bike

Pilot Seiren, the world’s first fully 3D printed titanium bike, is hitting the roads! After hours and hours of designing, analysing and modifying, it was high time to take the Seiren to the test on some uncut asphalt. And boy did we have fun. In this blog, you can read about the first experiences of riding the Pilot .Let’s rewind

Pilot Seiren makes waves at Eurobike

We are overwhelmed by your tremendous support and positive reactions to our 3D Printed Seiren, Scram Pinion Smart Shift and all of the other innovations we presented at EUROBIKE Show 2023. Your enthusiasm strengthens our belief in the vision we have. Thank you very much for visiting us and making this event truly unforgettable. Your

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