Pilot Seiren makes waves at Eurobike

We are overwhelmed by your tremendous support and positive reactions to our 3D Printed Seiren, Scram Pinion Smart Shift and all of the other innovations we presented at EUROBIKE Show 2023. Your enthusiasm strengthens our belief in the vision we have. Thank you very much for visiting us and making this event truly unforgettable. Your feedback and enthusiasm drive us to keep pushing boundaries and delivering innovative cycling experiences.

GCN's Oliver 'Ollie' Bridgewood about Pilot Seiren

“The exciting thing about this is, commercially available 3D printed bikes, I feel that they they are the future because there’s so many obvious advantages to this. Once the the 3D print machines get bigger and you can scale this up it makes so much sense, because you can have more efficient use of the material you can make more complicated shapes than using a normal round titanium tube.

But also the time it takes to make this is much shorter so they say that to print this entire frame takes just eight hours which sounds like a lot of time until you think how long it takes to make a carbon fiber frame from start to finish. So if you’ve seen our carbon fiber frame manufacturing videos in the past it’s hundreds of hours that goes into a carbon frame and a huge labor cost.”

“Best of all: it’s good for the polar bears!”

Pilot Seiren - 'Good for the polar bears' from 3.49

GCN Auf Deutsch about Pilot Seiren

“das Rad wird übrigens in Deutschland gedruckt. Die ganze Produktion findet in Europa statt. Man hat weniger Abfall, das Rad ist recycelbar Material, das Titan hält einfach länger und ich finde das sieht echt gut aus!

Was mir besonders gut gefällt ist hier auch der anlöte Punkt für den Umwerfer. Wenn man ihn braucht, dann kann man die sich einfach ran drücken lassen und wenn man quasi einen einfachen da vorne fahren will kann man auch einfach weglassen”

Pilot Seiren - Gedruckt in Deutschland

VELO powered by outside: This $18,600 fully 3D-printed titanium road bike is stealing the show at Eurobike

“Some will protest that this bike is merely an exercise in seeing what’s possible to create. But 3D printing has some very tangible positives, most notably to weight.

This frame on display at Eurobike weighs just 1,150 grams, putting it in the ballpark, well, the nosebleeds at Dodger Stadium at least, of carbon road bikes. That’s due to Pilot being able to shave the wall thicknesses to as thin as necessary and structurally allowable, as small as 0.6mm in this case, to keep weight to an absolute minimum. Butting traditional titanium tubes can only do so much in this department.”