Custom built bikes
Life time warranty
10+ years of experience


We build our frames to last a lifetime, therefore we offer a warranty period of 25 years on each original PILOT frame. Which mountain bike do you think would be perfect for you? Make sure you check out the custom options!

The PRIMUM has the need for speed whether it is on your local single tracks or during a marathon competition.  
Locum Pinion
The LOCUM is an XC-Trail bike with loads of comfort and control. With a fast geometry that feels at home on technical trails.
Locum Pinion
The DURO is the prefect bike for marathons or multi-day trekking adventures in which you do not want to worry about maintenance or wear parts.
The LOCUM geometry is bang on for a balanced cross-country/trail hard tail. And because of its more classic geometry this bike will immediately feel familiar when you handle it.