Pilot X Rewilders


Pilot joins Brais Palmás and Eva Hübner in their Rewilders Mission. The purpose of giving back to nature what has been taken away corresponds perfectly with the mission and vision of Pilot. Therefore Pilot is very proud to take part in the Rewilders project by building two Vamos Pinion travel bikes for Brais and Eva.

In the upcoming period, Brais and Eva will keep you updated on their trails trough jungles, rivers and plains. This first post is dedicated to telling you more about the Rewilders’ mission and what drove them to dedicate their lives to the environment.


‘We are Brais and Eva, two environmental activists who love exploring the world on a bike. Like most people, we dream of scenic routes and camping surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. But for us, this is not enough. Our journey goes towards the environmental frontlines.’

“The Rewilders Mission was born from a feeling of anger, and the determination to do things differently”

‘Three years ago, Brais launched the “Rewilders Mission”- a radical rethinking of an outdoor adventure in which exploration meets nature protection. This idea arose from the realisation that wherever his two wheels would take him, destruction was not just visible, it was ubiquitous. Humanity razes forests, exploits the seas, alters the climate… Mainstream lifestyles promote and finance the disappearance of millions of species.’


‘First, in what we do: We don’t just travel, but we go on a search for people and organisations who defend nature all over the world. From remote pristine forests to the high seas, we support their fights for environmental protection and justice. Our engagement ranges from direct action like blocking mining operations, pouching or logging all the way to scientific and policy assistance. We believe that storytelling has the power to change how people see the world and act in it. That’s why beyond the direct impact we may make with our time and dedication, we share stories from the environmental frontlines so that more and more of us will get inspired to act.’

‘Second, in how we do it: Fossil fuels are a no-go for us. We move with renewable energy, and this preferably means self-powered – by bike, on foot or by packraft. We use only essential equipment that is sustainable and made to last, so that it does not contribute to the destruction of the very same places we would like to protect.’

Pilot wishes the Rewilders all the best in their steps! Onwards and upwards 🚀