Custom painted & tailor made road bike

The purchase of a custom-made frame should, of course, be fun afterwards, as well as before. Capturing the geometry, thinking about the specs, discussing the concrete elaboration, in my opinion an elongated party. At Pilot Cycles they have perfectly understood the importance and fun of this process. This starts with a good listener regarding deployment and specific wishes and continues through usable advice towards detailed design. And finally, the agreed delivery date has been reached. Despite a supplier’s delay.

In no time I had grown into my new racing bike, which does everything that comes to mind. With a sober but high-quality finish, an example of reliability, light enough for long climbs, aggressive in cornering and yet so comfortable when the road surface becomes poor. After all, with mountain biking in my genes, I can’t ignore the small roads. And with what experts say is high-quality welding and a nice layer of paint on the front fork and steering head zone, it has become a moving piece of art.

In all honesty: I am already thinking of my next Pilot Cycles. That should be one with thick tires.


Bert Wellens (Belgium)