It is a matter of time whether all road bikes are equipped with disc brakes. Because I signed up for a weekend of climbing and descending the Mont Ventoux, I decided to buy another road bike but this time with disc brakes. I was looking for something else and I opted for the Pilot Veturi. A titanium bike, with a clean look and with a lot of charisma! Titanium; nice material, strong, beautiful welding combined with refined CNC parts; certainly in my case [68 years old] a bicycle for life!

Veturi Pilot; a striking appearance in the midst of the many carbon and aluminum racers, I have experienced that around the Mont Ventoux, where you are certainly not alone during the Ascension weekend.

How does the Veturi ride? Back home in the flatlands of the Netherlands, long rides can be easily and comfortable completed thanks to the geometry of the Veturi.  At the Mont Ventoux, I noticed that it is not a real climber, but due to the stiffness of the frame, every pedel stroke is converted into speed. And in the descent you can rely on the disc brakes, let the bike run fully up to 70-80 km/h and then you notice how super tight a titanium bike is! Vibrations due to poor asphalt are well digested by the Veturi, so braking, steering and go!

Thanks guys from Pilot Cycles!

Greetings, Krijn Minderhout (The Netherlands)