We want to bring some certainty in these uncertain times for bicycle fanatics around the globe by making it easier to buy the perfect bike without having to leave the house!
But let us start with saying that we are not the ones to tell you what to do or what not to do, so please listen to what local and international authorities advise. We will try to be careful in everything we do and we will stick to the thing we know best: building elegant durable bikes that fit you like a glove.


Now that we are unable to receive you and advise you face to face, we have to make sure that your bike is the right size by doing something different. Luckily, the right measurements of some body parts are far more important than a short test ride on a parking lot. So if you do the measuring, we will advise you about the right frame size. The following sizes are essential when you are looking for a perfectly sized bike.

Lets start measuring! Are you missing the right tools to measure these parts? Don’t worry: Everyone that uses our configurator receives a limited edition Pilot tape measure. So from now on, nothing will stand in the way of configurating your dream bike! You do the measuring and we will determine the right frame size for you.

When the time comes that you are coming to pick up your brand new bike, we offer you a free bike fit, in order to make sure that you have a bike that is tailored exactly to your needs! If something needs to be altered, we will do it free of charge.


We have a treat for you! Every bike that is sold before the end of May gets a free upgrade! Whether you are interested in an aggressive hardtail MTB, a stiff road bike, a do-it-all gravel bike or a comfortable trekking bike that endures all circumstances. Check out which free upgrade comes with your favorite bike!


  • If you go out for a ride, go alone
  • Be extra careful during your ride, our hospital employees are needed somewhere else right now
  • Avoid heavy work outs
  • Listen to your local authorities
  • Questions? Notes? Do not hesitate to contact us at info@pilotcycles.com