Statistics Juni 29 2019, Singapore: one year on a bike


Distance17.699 km / 10,998 mi
Average distance in 1 day75 km / 47 mi
Longest distance in 1 day145 km / 90 mi (in Cambodia from Stung Trang to Preah Vihear)
Shortest distance in 1 day5 km / 3 mi (in Turkey to the top of a mountain to wild camp)
Max speed74,6 km/h / 46,4 mi/h (inner Malaysia)
Elevation gain136.285 m / 447,129 ft (15 x Mount Everest from sea level)
Highest passesTimmelsjoch 2509 m, Jaufen Pass 2094 m, Cam Gecidi 2470 m, Ovit Dagi 2640 m, Ushguli 2609 m
FromOirschot (51.5 degrees north latitude, 5.3 degrees east longitude)
ToSingapore (1.33 degrees north latitude, 103.8 degrees east longitude)
Flights1 (from Tbilisi to Kathmandu)
Busses / train0
Hitchhiking / lorrysurfing0


Cycling days229
Other days, of which:136
– hiking16 (1 Safranbolu in Turkey, 1 Sveneti in Georgia, 14 Annapurna circuit in Nepal)
– ill or injured11
– waiting for visa19
– waiting for shipments15
– waiting for repairs4
– holidays12 (in Thailand with the kids)
– rest, sightseeing, blogging, planning, etc59
Invited by hospitable people13
Warmshowers9 (out of 19 requests)
Punctures13 of which 6 in 1 week in Myanmar
Other failuresdamaged disc brake caused by a demolished brake pad
Worn out
– tires4
– disc brakes2
– brake pads5
– shifters2
Visits to bike repair shops7 Kutasi, Tbilisi, Yangon, Chaing Mai, Chiang Rai, Bangkok & Krabi
Lost1 sneakers, 1 flip flops, 5 pegs, 1 multitool, 5 reading glasses, 2 contact lenses & 6 micro fiber clothes
Broken3 iPhones, 1 B&M E-Werk, 2 rims, 1 flip flops, 1 Helinox zero chair, 1 bell & 1 mirror
Falls3 Harry (dog attacks) & 3 Roelie (mud)

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