Racebike4U – Titanium Specialist in Nordrhein Westfalen

Axel from RaceBike4U on his time trial bike in 2019
Did you know that Axel is the former time trial champion of Germany

Discover Racebike4U - Titanium Specialist in Nordrhein Westfalen

If you’re a passionate cyclist residing in Nordrhein-Westfalen, chances are you’ve heard of Axel from Racebike4U. With a wealth of experience as both an avid cyclist, event organizer, and bike mechanic, Axel has become a fixture in the local cycling community, renowned for his expertise and infectious enthusiasm.

Extensive Range of Titanium Test Bikes

One of the hallmarks of Racebike4U is its extensive collection of readily available titanium race and gravel bikes. Axel is eager to walk you through the myriad benefits of owning a titanium bike, and what better way to experience it firsthand than by taking one out for a test ride? Explore the possibilities with our showroom bikes and feel the difference for yourself.

The RaceBike4U Logo on a titanium chainstay
RaceBike4U has a large number of titanium test bikes

Test Events to Explore Your New Ride

As a dedicated and fit cyclist himself, Axel relishes the opportunity to hit the road every day. Axel personally leads cyclists through the scenic routes of Schwalmtal. It’s a chance not only to discover hidden gems along the way but also to get a feel for how your new bike performs in various terrains. Don’t forget to bring warm and waterproof clothing. Because you wouldn’t want to get caught by a nasty Schwalmtal rain shower.

From unparalleled expertise to a wide selection of top-quality titanium bikes, Racebike4U is your ultimate destination for all things cycling in Nordrhein Westfalen. Race bikes are Axel’s preference because, as he puts it, ‘ich mag kein dreck’ (I don’t like dirt). However, although he may not admit it, he’s equally adept with gravel bikes and mountain bikes. So whether you’re a seasoned (ex) pro or just starting out, Axel and the team at Racebike4U are here to elevate your cycling experience to new heights. So if you’re ever in the neighborhood, make sure you pay Axel a visit. Even if it’s just to check out the extensive cycling cap collection!

Cycling caps hanging in front of the Pilot Celes titanium road bike

Are you ready to meet der Axel? Send an email to RaceBike4U or make an appointment via the dealer finder on our website!