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We build our frames with the intention to last a lifetime therefore we offer 25 years of guarantee on each PILOT frame.

Scram Pinion Smart.Shift
An all enduring gravel bike with electronic shifting has been a lifelong dream of many riders and the Pilot team alike. Now the time has finally come to step into the future of gravel cycling with the Scram Pinion Smart.Shift.
Scram Classified
The latest addition to our Pilot clan! The Scram Classified is the first titanium gravel bike equipped with a Classified shifting system. Pilot Cycles and Classified Cycling have joined forces by creating a bike that has a single chainring set-up, but has all the benefits of a double chainring set-up.
Scram Classified
Now you can eat your bowl of gravel with a side of cappuccino. Because our beloved SCRAM is now available with the next-generation 1x13 gravel drivetrain: Ekar by Campagnolo! The Scram frame, equipped with the feather light Ekar group set and Shamal wheelset, is one of the lightest titanium gravel bikes that is out there.
The SCRAM is designed for the titans that eat a bowl of gravel for breakfast. We have tried to offer you the best of both worlds by creating a gravel bike that is as fast as a racer and as agile as a MTB. Pieter van der Marel, designer of the SCRAM, has spared no expense in showing off the elegant titanium look. All brake and shifter cables are nicely concealed and run internally through the frame. Another striking point of this gravel racer are the wishbone seat stays. This not only gives a unique appearance, but also brings more stability to the rear part of the bike.
The SCRAM is designed to serve as many goals as possible. The frame is equipped with mounts for mudguards, luggage racks and bottle cages on and under the downtube (ideal for bike packers who use a frame bag). The frame offers space for tires up to 700c x 45mm. Are you afraid that you will spend more time cleaning your bike than actually riding it? Then choose the SCRAM Pinion. The Pinion gearbox is a closed system, which means that no dirt can get between the gears. This makes maintaining the SCRAM Pinion incredibly simple, allowing you to fully focus on your ride. The existing Pinion shifters are not compatible with a drop bar, so we took matters into their own hands and developed the Pilot Super Shifter.