Custom build bikes
Life time warranty
10+ years of experience


We build our frames with the intention to last a lifetime therefore we offer 25 years of guarantee on each PILOT frame.


Titanium is strong, lightweight and highly corrosion resistant almost as resistant as platinum. It is as strong as steel but only 60 per cent of the density (weight) and unlike steel it does not suffer from metal fatigue. These material properties are in our view perfect to produce durable, comfortable and stunning looking bicycles with.


At Pilot Cycles we are convinced that the rider has to decide how their ride has to be built up. So therefore you can select your build up in our very user-friendly online bike configurator. And if the component which you would like to see mounted on your bike isn’t in our bike configurator please let us know and we’ll do our very best to get it for you. After all you decide what your dream bike looks like!

Vamos Pinion E-bike

Vamos Pinion E-bike

The pilot Vamos Pinion has proven itself to be a loyal traveling companion and beastly mileage eater. Stable, reliable and durable. At the request of many international customers, we now have the Vamos Pinion available as E-Bike! Click below to find out more. Driven by: Ansmann R5.4 (made in Germany)

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