We spend a lot of time designing bikes that are tailored to your wishes and fit you like a glove. But finding the perfect bike is about more than tube lengths and frame specs. We are convinced that the process of finding the perfect bike goes on, even after we deliver your brand new Pilot. Sounds weird? Let us explain.

Imagine this: You just received your brand new Pilot, and of course you are OVER. THE. MOON. with this new titanium jewel. You are now officially a Titan! So you go on your first ride and you are immediately convinced of the riding qualities of this Pilot.

So we joined forces with the renowned health center ANCORA. 

Bike Fitting

So in which way does Ancora solve my problems? With a dynamic bike position measurement. In doing so, we map your cycling movement and receive detailed information about the way you cycle. In this way we can link discomfort to your body position and adjustment of the bicycle. Take, for example, a saddle that is too high or too low: this can be the cause of a knee or back injury. If the steering wheel is in the wrong position, neck, shoulder and/or arm complaints often arise. Of course we take your wishes and goals into account during the measurement. One cyclist is competition-oriented and likes to sit deeper, the other wants to tour relaxed and benefits from a comfortable position.