Scram Classified

Classified Cycling and Pilot Cycles are joining forces to launch the Pilot Scram Classified, the first titanium gravel bike equipped with a Classified shifting system. With this introduction of the Scram Classified gravel bike, Pilot adds a new model to its collection. Every Scram Classified will be fitted with a set of Classified carbon wheels featuring the Classified shifting technology.

The Classified POWERSHIFT system incorporates the functionality of the front derailleur in the rear hub. Classified’s innovating shifting technology combines the same number of gears and gear range of a double front chainring with the benefits of a single chainring set-up. This also has extra aerodynamic and aesthetic advantages: in less than 150 milliseconds you can shift between the virtual chainrings, even when applying 1000 Watts of power to the pedals. This is simply impossible with any other technology.

“From our Classified facilities in Turnhout and Eindhoven, we share the drive for innovation with Pilot. We both design and build our products locally to ensure the best quality,” says Mathias Plouvier, CEO of Classified Cycling. “We are therefore proud of the Pilot Scram Classified: the first titanium gravel bike equipped with Classified.”